Baby, it’s Cold Outside! Plus Size Satin Lace Robe

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Come on and snuggle up next to me. You’ll start feeling HOT soon enough.

Sassy Mama’s Styling Tip: Wear the item, “Drool Baby Drool” under this luscious robe and see things really start to “Heat Up!”

Douse yourself in the luxurious satin Plus Size Robe from Fantasy Lingerie.

Size:    1/2X (16-20) 3/4X (22-26)

Features: Timeless Plus Size Satin Lace Robe

  • Made with a luxuriously smooth emerald green satin
  • Finished with an ornate geometric lace that lines the bottom hem.
  • The satin tie rests softly at the waist, allowing the garment to be worn comfortably untied or tied for a cozy feel.
  • A matching g-string completes this intimate set.
  • Emerald Green in color

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Style Code: Fantasy Lingerie HP702


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