The “Gold Digger” Kit

$40.00 TAX


When I first saw these, I nearly pissed myself laughing….

Sassy Mama’s Tip: Perfect as a “Gag” gift, birthday gift, bachelorette gift or just about ANY sort of gift– except, for maybe an Office “Secret Santa” gift, maybe not for that.

I am not a gold digger. I just like to come into money!

From gold bullets to jeweled clips, from gilded bosy dust to golden vanilla oils, this kit has all the material a material girl could ask for. May it help you catch the man of your dreams, in all his stocks, bonds, real estate and 401K glory.

Kit Includes:

  • Long Golden Bullet
  • Golden Nipple Clips
  • Luster Dust Creme Brulee
  • Massage Me Kiss Me Cool Vanilla Massage Oil

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