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Proper introductions are always nice! Learning a little background info before launching into a full scale conversation with someone you've just met is never a bad idea, for example. As it turns out, background info is also helpful when launching into a bondage fantasy.

The Introductory Bondage Kit #2 from Shots contains everything you and your partner need for a sexy lead-in to a very playful night/morning/afternoon. Open up the pretty packaging to find three black must-have bondage accessories; a pair of plushy velcro hand cuffs, a soft satin eye mask, a feather tickler and a pair of sexy dice. Let's talk about the cuffs!

Suitable for all levels of bondage experience but definitely perfect for beginners, the super-soft fabric wraps wrists in comfortable, sexy security. Attach them together using the 2 included swivel clamps and sturdy O-rings, or hook 'em up to any compatible play gear you own and love. Blocking light while keeping the submissive mate (literally) in the dark when it comes to the other's intentions, the included Mask creates amazingly in-tune sensuality and enhanced pleasure reception. In soft black satin, this playtime offering features a versatile elasticized strap. While they're blindfolded (or while they have you blindfolded), try trailing the 11" Feather Tickler over sweet spots - the whisper soft touch will ignite nerve endings as it sets the mood for pleasure to come.

When you're both feeling particularly adventurous, throw playtime caution to the wind with the included Sexy Dice. One of two lightweight plastic die features a position demonstrated by diagram and the other, a location. Shake 'em up and let the Sexy Dice direct the night!

Each piece of the Introductory Bondage Kit #2 can very easily be used alone, or in combination with other play gear you might already own, but we highly recommend pairing them up for the best pleasurable effects!



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